Thursday, June 2, 2016

All New Adobe Sign REST SDK & Samples

Today Adobe Sign, (formerly EchoSign) announced the first version of the REST SDK. This is a big and continued step in the direction of making integrating with Adobe Sign, the #1 e-signature solution, super simple. The REST SDK in Java, though being v1, is not simply a code.jar wrapper around our powerful REST APIs. It goes much beyond and following are some key features:-

1. All the latest and greatest
REST API v5  are covered with the SDK 

2. Developers love code and hence we ship with the entire source code of our SDK so that you can play around with it and further customize if really needed

3. We have over 25 ready to use samples for the common Adobe Sign workflows, which means Copy-Paste-Send For Signature->Sign :-) Creating an agreement and getting back it's id for fetching status was never as easy as these 4 lines of code

4. Quality checks are in-place with over 250 sanity test cases that we include as a part of the SDK itself. That's just a small subset of what we test internally to keep your business running

5. Comprehensive documentation is included in the docs folder

With Adobe Sign, not only can you get signatures 5x faster, but develop custom integrations 5X faster too!