Friday, November 28, 2014

Welcome to The API Blog

Another blog on APIs. Yes mam, but you also love another pair of shoes too. Yes sir, because you want to watch another game too. Right? Yes, because they are different pair of shoes and a different pair of teams

This Blog is also different, it talks about APIs that were created to transition between the old and new times. And it takes a real example of an API that serves millions of calls every day. And yes, it's a different pair of SOAP and REST APIs

Welcome to my blog which talks about how we bootstrapped REST APIs in EchoSign (, starting from a well established SOAP API and some of our learning along the way. At your service is an engineer who lives and breathes these APIs every other day with the goal to create the most easily integrate-able e-signature solution in the market

And there goes the usual disclaimer - All the posts and opinions in this blog are my personal ones and do NOT represent the voice or the future direction of a product, APIs or my company. They are what I have learnt and want to contribute back to the API community - some might be good ideas, some not so good ones - but they are my own and not a product or company's take on API

With that, I am relieved to speak an engineer's heart and would like to thank you for being here. Happy reading and would love to hear your comments!


  1. i am not that much of a tech savy but i do know a couple of people who will be intrigued by this read the SAOP aims to confirm that you have the right web service url this is quite a step through innovation thanks for sharing this nikhil

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