Tuesday, December 9, 2014

diff --brief "SOAP API" "REST API" --exclude="nerdiness"

"You are asking the wrong question. SOAP and REST cannot be compared. SOAP is a protocol. REST is an architectural style." Yes, that is the most pedantic answer that you get when you search for differences between SOAP and REST. And it's correct too! But we are not here to talk about these technical definition differences or protocols, we want to be focusing on the API Design. Both SOAP and REST are paradigms for developing Web Service APIs and in that context they are very much comparable and different

So what are Web Services API? We'll keep the terminology simple in this blog. Web Services API define the interface (contract) between a client and server that is available at a specific URL. The client sends a Request to that specific URL defined by the server. The Request structure follows the interface defined by the API . The server processes the Request and produces a Response  that it sends back to the client. The Response also follows the interface defined by the API. And that's it

This page will server as the landing page to link into all the posts that talk about SOAP and REST structure and differences

2. Sample mapping between a SOAP and a REST API

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